M.S.CEP Program

The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Practice (M.S.CEP) requires two semesters of graduate-level courses at MIT and one semester at the field stations of the Practice School, under the direction of resident MIT staff. Credit for the Practice School semester is accepted in lieu of a Master’s thesis.

The courses at MIT comprise the required core curriculum, two additional required courses, and electives. This core curriculum is required of all chemical engineering graduate students irrespective of their degree objective. The electives, however, may be chosen from outside the Department to support particular interests.

The degree requires that you complete:

  • the core curriculum in chemical engineering
  • Courses in systems engineering and applied chemistry
  • Practice School requirements, including a one-semester industrial internship

The core curriculum is:

  • Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering 10.34
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 10.40
  • Analysis of Transport Phenomena 10.50
  • Chemical Reactor Engineering 10.65

The M.S.CEP requires, in addition to the core curriculum:

  • Systems Engineering 10.551
  • A course in applied chemistry, such as: 10.25, 10.391J, 10.392J, 10.541, 10.542, 10.544, 10.569, 10.585, 10.586, 10.625J, 10.626, 10.652J, 10.571, 10.572, or 10.817J.

The M.S.CEP differs from a conventional M.S. degree because there is no research thesis requirement. For this, we substitute the intensive industrial experience of the Practice School. The industrial exposure, varied technical challenges, and extensive communications requirements, when combined with the MIT coursework, leads to a high degree of professional advancement.

The M.S.CEP may be pursued as a terminal degree. It is possible to complete the degree in one calendar year by taking courses during Fall and Spring terms and attending Practice School during the following summer.

The M.S.CEP is awarded as an intermediate degree in the Ph.D. CEP program. It may also be awarded as part of the Ph.D./Sc.D. program, but is not necessary to that degree.