Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

MIT Chemical Engineering Diversity Statement

Every endeavor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT, from classroom education to academic research and translational efforts, benefits from the participation of scholars from every perspective.


We believe a diversity of race, gender, sexual identity and orientation, ability, and country of origin helps to build and maintain the excellence of our Department. We seek to create an environment that welcomes all to participate equitably, and hears every voice to the benefit of the science and engineering we pursue.  To achieve this goal, we work together as a community, sharing the responsibility among the faculty, staff and students to create an environment that fosters equity and inclusion in every facet of our Department’s activities.


We actively seek new opportunities to enrich our community with members of diverse groups, and to support those groups upon arrival into our Department. This posture of welcoming best ensures a setting in which every member of our community can reach their potential, and contribute to the greater MIT challenge of Mens et Manus to address our society’s many challenges.

Department’s Strategic Plan & Ongoing Efforts