Support Course X

As a teaching and research department, ChemE greatly benefits from the generous and committed support of its loyal alumni. Your gifts help us recruit and keep talented faculty and students, invest in new teaching tools and technologies, and undertake capital improvements to ensure that our graduate and undergraduate programs continue at the high standard that has kept them at the top ranking in US News & World Report for 34 consecutive years.

You can find an honor roll of alumni and friends who have recently supported Course X here.

If you would like to make a gift or pledge over the telephone, please contact Jale Okay, Senior Leadership Giving Officer, tel: 617.715.2960; email: If you would like to use the MIT’s giving website, please click here.

Current Needs

No matter what reason you choose to give to the department, your gift shows your commitment to the MIT, your connection to your classmates, and your dedication to today’s and tomorrow’s students. Gifts in all amounts are invaluable to the following funds:

  • Chemical Engineering Building 66 Renovation Fund
    • 3701300
    • Supports the much-needed renovation of laboratories and spaces on all five floors of MIT ChemE’s flagship, the Ralph Landau Building (building 66)
  • Chemical Engineering Unrestricted
    • 3854800
    • Provides unrestricted support to the department
  • Chemical Engineering Student Fund
    • 3944101
    • Supports student education and research in the department
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund
    • 3944100
    • Supports graduate students in their first semester of education
  • Jack B. Howard Memorial Fund
    • 2741586
    • In memory of Professor Emeritus Jack Howard (1937-2008); supports educational opportunities in the department related to high temperature carbon chemistry
  • C.Michael Mohr (1955) Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Fund
    • 3159180
    • Supports undergraduate research opportunities in the department
  • David H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering Practice
    • 3294200
    • Supports graduate students during their practice school residencies
  • Adel F. Sarofim Fund
    • 3309040
    • Support graduate students in the department