Course Schedule

Spring 2021 Course Schedule

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Course Schedule

Spring 2021 Course Schedule (February 16 – May 20)

Subject Section Location Day/Time Faculty
10.000 L01 W3-5 Johnston/Kinney
10.00 L01 Lectures virtual TR 1-2 Olsen
B01 In person lab required – E18-676c MW2-5
B02 In person lab required – E18-676c TR2-5
10.01 L01 Virtual M3-5 Lauffenberger, K. Hansen (BE focus)
10.01 L02 Virtual T3-5 P. Hansen
10.01 L03 Virtual T7-9 P. Hansen, Lauffenberger (CS focus)
10.01 L05 Virtual W7-9 P. Hansen
10.03 L01 Virtual TR11-12:30 Sinskey, Springs (second half of semester)
10.10 L01 Virtual MWF2 Swan/Kinney/Galloway
10.10 R01 In person optional, 32-155 T11
10.213 L01 Virtual TR2:30-4 Love/Tisdale/Payne
10.213 R01 In person optional, 66-110 W10
10.213 R02 In person optional, 66-110 W11
10.26 L01 Lectures and presentations virtual TR1-5 Rutledge/Mariotta
10.27 L01 TR1-5 Gr Stephanopoulos/Strano
10.29 L01 TR1-5 Hamel
10.26/27/29 B1-15 Lab projects in person, various locations including 66-0042, 66-0044, 66-0064, E17-518, 56-422, 66-565 TR1-5
10.301 L01 Virtual TR12-1:30 Brushett/Doyle
10.301 R01 In person optional, 32-141 M11
10.301 R02 In person optional, 32-141 M12
10.32 L01 Virtual TR9:30-11 Hatton/Smith (full term)
10.333 See Information for 3.021
10.37 L01 Virtual WF11 Kulik/Roman
10.37 R01 Occasional in person optional, 66-110 (see syllabus) M11
10.390 See Information for 2.60
10.392 See Information for 2.62
10.407 L01 Virtual MW1-2:30 Loessberg (second half of semester)
10.426 L01 Virtual TR11-12:30 Manthiram
10.441 See information for 7.37
10.450 L01 Virtual MWF12 Johnston
10.490 L01 Virtual MWF11 Cooney
10.493 L01 Virtual IAP MTWRF10-12, 2-4 Drake (IAP)
10.494A L01 Virtual MWF10 Green (first half of semester)
10.494B L01 Virtual MWF10 Anderson (second half of semester)
10.535 L01 Virtual TR9:30-11 Wittrup
10.53 L01 Virtual TR11-12:30 Sinskey, Springs (second half of semester)
10.543 See information for 7.88
10.551 L01 occasional in person optional, consult syllabus TR9:30-11 Braatz/Coley
10.557 L01 Virtual MWF1 Barton
10.562 See information for HST.562 (Chung)
10.571 See information for 12.806
10.586 L01 Virtual TR11-12:30 Myerson
10.626 L01 Virtual TR11-12:30 Manthiram
10.65 L01 Virtual MW9-11 Strano/Jensen
10.7003 See information for 10.7003
10.792 See information for 15.792
10.80 – 10.87 L01 TBA Hatton
10.807 L01 Virtual TR1-3, Perez-Breva
10.951 L01 Virtual TBA Galloway
10.952 L01 Virtual TBA Furst
10.953 L01 Virtual R12-2 Roman
10.954 L01 Virtual T2-4 Tisdale
10.955 L01 Virtual W10-12 Brushett
10.956 L01 Virtual W3-5 Kulik
10.957 L01 Virtual W9-11 Chung
10.958 L01 Virtual M4-6 Swan
10.960 L01 Virtual W3-5 Cohen
10.962 L01 Virtual W8:30-10:30 Lauffenburger
10.964 L01 Virtual M11-1 Bazant
10.965 L01 Virtual T9-11 Love
10.966 L01 Virtual W12-2 Anderson
10.967 L01 Virtual F9-11 Olsen
10.968 L01 Virtual T2-4 Sikes
10.969 L01 Virtual W2-4 Trout
10.970 L01 Virtual W1-3 Green
10.971 L01 Virtual R4-6 Doyle
10.974 L01 Virtual R5-7 Strano
10.975 L01 Virtual T12-2 Hammond
10.975 L02 Virtual T12-2 Rutledge
10.975 L03 Virtual W12-2 Cohen
10.976 L01 Virtual R4-6 Barton
10.977 L01 Virtual W4-6 Manthiram
10.978 L01 Virtual M4:30-6:30 Smith
10.981 L01 Virtual T3-5 Blankschtein
10.982 L01 Virtual T4-6 Hatton
10.983 L01 Virtual W4-6 Jensen
10.984 L01 Virtual W5-6:30 PM Langer
10.985 L01 Virtual R2-4 Braatz
10.987 L01 Virtual R2-4 Gleason
10.989 L01 Virtual R12-2 Greg Stephanopoulos
10.992 L01 Virtual MF3-4:30 Hammond
10.994 L01 Virtual R12-1:30 Wittrup
10.995 L01 Virtual T4-6 Prather
10.997 L01 Virtual F11-1:30 Chakraborty
10.998 L01 Virtual W2-4 Myerson