Course 10C

Course 10C: Bachelor of Science

This non-ABET-accredited program is for students who wish to specialize in a different academic area while simultaneously learning chemical engineering principles. The curriculum involves basic subjects in chemistry and chemical engineering. Instead of continuing in depth in these areas, however, students also pursue study in another field, such as another engineering discipline, biology, biomedical engineering, economics, or management.
Course Requirements

  • Mastery of the basic principles of science and engineering science that underlie modern chemical and biological technologies
  • Creative application of this mastery of basic principles to the solution of problems in a broad range of career paths
  • Appreciation of the broader context of environmental, social, safety and economic issues that affect their decisions, and highest standards of ethical practice
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Recognition of and commitment to the importance of continued self-improvement and the ability to engage in lifelong learning