ChemE E-mail Lists

The Department of Chemical Engineering maintains a number of email lists for the purpose of disseminating information to members of our community. The list names and descriptions are below:

Email List Name Description
cheme-faculty Professors
cheme-fac-sl-em Professors, Lecturers, Senior Research Staff
cheme-support Support Staff of the Department
cheme-staff Administrative Staff of the Department
cheme-postdoc Postdoctoral Staff of the Department
cheme-gradstudents Chemical Engineering Graduate Students
cheme-1styear-grads Chemical Engineering First Year Graduate Students
cheme24 Chemical Engineering Senior Undergraduate Students
cheme25 Chemical Engineering Junior Undergraduate Students
cheme26 Chemical Engineering Sophomore Undergraduate Students
chem-affiliates People outside the ChemE Dept who work in the Department
cheme-all Includes all of the above

These guidelines for posting messages to Department email lists have been drafted to provide guidance so that the information disseminated in this manner is most useful to all of us.

  1. Postings should be limited to topics that are directly related to the work of those receiving the messages. In general, postings are of a one-time nature, and ongoing discussions should be moved to a small list of interested individuals.
  2. Please direct your messages to the most appropriate email list, and use cheme-all only when the information is of interest to the entire Chemical Engineering Department community.
  3. When posting a message, please write a clear and specific subject line so that recipients can read or delete messages according to their relevance.
  4. If you wish to reply to an email that you feel has been inappropriately sent to you, please respond to the specific individual who sent the email to you rather than to the entire email list.
  5. Please be sensitive to others in the environment to avoid sending email that may make some members of our community feel uncomfortable.