Michael S. Strano

Research Interests

transport in nanopores, thermopower waves for energy generation, exciton engineering for solar energy, nanosensors for reaction network analysis


Ph.D., University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 2002

B.S., Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY, 1997


Honors and Awards

AIChE’s Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering, 2019

Bose Research Grant Award, 2017

Elected to the National Academy of Engineering, 2017

World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds list, Thomson Reuters, 2016

Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher, 2015

Popular Science’s ‘Brilliant 10’, 2009

American Institute of Chemical Engineering, Colburn Award, 2008

Office of Naval Research, Young Investigator Award, 2008

Colburn Memorial Lectureship, University of Delaware, 2008

Outstanding Investigator Award, Materials Research Society, 2008

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, 2008

National Academy of Engineers, Frontiers of Engineering Invitee, 2007

American Chemical Society Unilever Award for Colloidal Science, 2007

Henry and Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, 2007

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 2006

Collaboration Success Award, Council of Chemical Research, 2006

Beckman Young Investor Award, 2006

3M Untenured Faculty Award, 2006

Coblentz Award for Molecular Spectroscopy, Coblentz Society, 2006

Young Investigator Award, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum, AIChE, 2006

Top 1% of Highly Cited Researchers, ESI/Web of Science, 2005

National Science Foundation Career Award, 2005

Top Young Innovator Award, MIT Technology Review, 2005

DuPont Young Investigator Award, 2004

Most significant advances of 2003

C&EN, 2004

Bernhardt L. Trout

Research Interests

pharmaceutical manufacturing, stabilization and formulation of biopharmaceuticals, nucleation and crystallization, molecular-level design of products and processes, molecular simulations and theory of reactions incomplex systems


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1996

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990

S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990


Honors and Awards

The Medicine Maker “Power List”, 2017

The Medicine Maker “Power List”, 2016

AIChE Division 15 (FPBE) Plenary Speaking Award, 2015

Armenian Academy of Engineering, Foreign Member, elected 2015

The Medicine Maker “Power List”, 2015

CCR Research Collaboration Award, 2014

AIChE Excellence in Process Development Research Award, 2014

Council for Chemical Collaboration Award, 2014

Manufacturing Technology Runner-up for the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, 2012

Impact Award from the Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum of the AIChE (CoMSEF), 2011

NAE invitation to “Frontiers in Engineering,” 2001

Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professorship, 2001-2003

Ford Motor Company Young Investigator Award, 2001

NSF CAREER Award, 2000-2004

Joseph R. Mares Junior Faculty Chair, 1998-2001

Max-Planck Institute Fellowship, 1996-1997

NSF Graduate Fellowship, 1991-1994


The Molecular Engineering Laboratory at MIT: The Trout Research Group

Professional Education: Formulation and Stabilization of Biotherapeutics [10.50s]

Professional Education: AI and Ethics: Safeguarding Humanity (virtual)

K. Dane Wittrup

Research Interests

molecular bioengineering, protein engineering, therapeutic protein biotechnology


Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1988

B.S., University of New Mexico, 1984


Honors and Awards

Elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering, 2012

Elected Fellow of the AAAS, 2011

Allan P. Colburn Award, AIChE, 1998

Presidential Young Investigator Award, NSF, 1990

A. McLaren White Award (First Prize, National Student Design Contest Problem), AIChE, 1984

Martin Z. Bazant

Research Interests

transport phenomena, microfluidics, electrokinetics, electrochemical systems, applied mathematics


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1997

M.S., University of Arizona, 1993

B.S., University of Arizona, 1992





Honors and Awards

Electrochemical Society Fellow, 2023

Inaugural President, International Electrokinetics Society (IES), 2022

MIT Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) Infinite Mile Award, 2020

MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning in MOOCs, 2019

Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2018

Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering, 2018

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FSRC), 2017

Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry, 2017

Named inaugural E. G. Roos (1944) Professor, 2016

Bose Award for innovative and unconventional projects, 2015

Alexander Kuznetsov Prize for Theoretical Electrochemistry, 2015

Popular Science Brilliant Ten, 2007

Joliot Chair and Paris Sciences Chair, ESPCI, 2007

Department of Energy Early Career Award, 2002

Paris Sciences Chair, ESPCI, 2002


Jesse H. Kroll

Research Interests

atmospheric chemistry, particulate matter, organic oxidation processes, and chemical kinetics


Ph.D., Harvard University, 2002

A.M., Harvard University, 1999

A.B., Harvard College, 1996


Honors and Awards

NSF Career Award, 2017

James B. Macelwane Medal, American Geophysical Union, 2013

NASA Earth System Science Fellow, 2000-2002

NSF Graduate Fellow, 1997-2000

Patrick S. Doyle

Research Interests

microfluidics, complex fluids, polymer physics, rheology and transport phenomena


Ph.D., Stanford University, 1997

M.S., Stanford University, 1993

B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1992


Honors and Awards

AIChE’s Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research, 2022

Singapore Research Professorship, 2021

J-WAFS Seed Grant, 2019

Singapore Research Professorship, 2016

Michael Mohr Outstanding Faculty Award, 2013 & 2014

Singapore Research Professorship, 2013

Soft Matter Lectureship Award, 2012

Joliot Chair, ESPCI, 2009

John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2009

Rothschild-Yvette Mayent-Institute Curie Award, 2009

Van Ness Lectures at RPI, 2008

Lab on a Chip, Royal Society of Chemistry and Corning Inc., Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize, 2008

Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professorship, 2005-2007

University of Notre Dame Thiele Lectureship, 2006

U of DE Colburn Memorial Lecture, 2006,

NSF-CAREER Award, 2003

3-M Innovation Fund Award, 2003

Polypops Innovation Award, 2001

Fondation de la Recherche Medical Postdoctoral Grant, 1999-2000

Institut Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1998-1999

Chateaubriand Fellowship, 1997-1998

Stanford University’s Lieberman Fellowship, 1996-1997

William H. Green

Research Interests

chemical kinetics, molecular simulation, free radical reactions


Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1988

B.A., Swarthmore College, 1983


Honors and Awards

AIChE’s R. H. Wilhelm Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2019

Inaugural Fellow of the Combustion Institute, 2018

Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2016

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 2009 – 2013 Associate Editor, 2005-2008

C.M. Mohr Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, 2006

Executive Board, Eastern States Section, Combustion Institute, 2005 – 2009

ACS Div. of Environmental Chemistry Certificate of Merit, 2005

ACS Div. of Fuel Chemistry Richard A. Glenn Award, 2004, 2009, 2013

Bye-Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge University, 2004-2005

Thiele Lectureship Award (Univ. of Notre Dame), 2004

NSF CAREER award, 1999-2003

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, 1989-1990

The Charles & Katherine Darwin Research Fellow, Cambridge University, 1989-1990

NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, 1989

Amoco Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1987

NSF Graduate Fellow, 1983-1985

Paula T. Hammond

Research Interests

macromolecular design and synthesis, targeted drug delivery for cancer, nanoscale assembly of synthetic biomaterials, electrostatic and directed materials assembly


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993

M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1988

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984


Honors and Awards

James R. Killian Jr. Faculty Achievement Award, 2023-24

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), 2021

Inaugural Black in Cancer Distinguished Investigator Award, 2021

MIT Institute Professor, 2021

MRS Turnbull Lectureship Award from the Materials Research Society, 2019

AIChE’s Margaret H. Rousseau Pioneer Award, 2019

Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, 2019

ACS Nat’l Award in Applied Polymer Science, 2018

Elected to the National Academy of Engineering, 2017

Elected to the National Academy of Medicine, 2016

Elected AIChE Fellow, 2016

Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research, 2014

Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2013

Charles M.A. Stine Award, 2013

Ovarian Cancer Research Program Teal Innovator Award, 2013

Elected Fellow, ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY), 2012

Distinguished Scientist Award, the Harvard Foundation, 2010

Elected AIMBE Fellow, 2010

Bayer Distinguished Lecturer, 2004

Georgia Tech Outstanding Young Alumni Award, 2004

Radcliffe Institute Fellow, Harvard University, 2003

Henry Hill Lecturer Award, 2002

Junior Bose Faculty Award, 2000

GenCorp Signature University Award, 2000

Lloyd Ferguson Young Scientist Award, 2000

NSF Career Award, 1997

EPA Early Career Award, 1996

DuPont Young Faculty Award, 1996

3M Innovation Fund Award, 1995

NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Chemistry, Harvard University, 1994

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow, 1992

MIT Karl Taylor Compton Prize, 1992

Eastman Kodak Theophilus Sorrel Fellow, 1990

T. Alan Hatton

Research Interests

transport phenomena, separation processes, microemulsions, colloids


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1981

M.Sc., Eng, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1976

B.Sc., Eng, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1972


Honors and Awards

Founding Fellow, AIMBE, 1992

Merck Faculty Development Award, 1989

Class of ’22 Career Development Chair, 1988

Presidential Young Investigator Award, NSF, 1985

Everett Moore Baker Award for Excellence in UG Teaching, MIT, 1983

Klavs F. Jensen

Research Interests

microsystems for chemical and biological applications,materials synthesis and processing, multiscale simulation of reactive processes


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1980

M.Sc., Technical University of Denmark, 1976


Honors and Awards

The Neal R. Amundson Award, 2023

National Academy of Inventors Fellow, 2022

Corning Int’l Prize for Outstanding Work in Continuous Flow Reactors & Chemistry for a Greener and Safer World, 2018

John Prausnitz AIChE Institute Lecturer Award, 2018

Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, 2017

AIChE Founders Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Chemical Engineering, 2016

IUPAC-ThalesNano International Prize, 2012

AIChE’s William H. Walker Award for Excellence in Contributions to Chemical Engineering Literature, 2011

Elected AIChE Fellow, 2009

American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2008

Royal Society of Chemistry, 2004

National Academy of Engineering, 2002

R. H. Wilhem Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2000

Berkeley Lectures in Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley, 2000

Charles M.A. Stine Award, AIChE, 1995

Allan P. Colburn Award of the AIChE, 1987

John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 1987

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, 1987

Presidential Young Investigator Award (NSF), 1984

Young Author’s Award of the Electrochemical Society, 1983