Ph.D CEP Program: Element 5

Element 5: Integrative Perspective Paper

During IAP, students in the PhDCEP program are expected to return to the Chemical Engineering Department to begin shaping the topical content of an integrative perspective paper (10.IPG), which will be completed during the final summer in residence. This project is to be carried out primarily under the guidance of a Chemical Engineering faculty member who served either as a thesis research advisor or as a member of the thesis committee. Consultation with one or more members of the MIT Sloan faculty is expected. The paper is expected to bring the business and management perspective of the MIT Sloan experience into conjunction with the research topic of the student’s thesis project. A market analysis, business plan, research proposal or similar document may be produced to fulfill this final program requirement. A public presentation of the results of this integrative paper is required at the end of the final Summer of the program. The paper is included as an appendix to the research thesis defended earlier in the program and the total document is bound for archival purposes.

A significant benefit of the immersion of students in the core of the first year of the MIT Sloan MBA program is the ease of re-entry into the MBA program at a later date, if desired. The MIT Sloan School will present the PhDCEP graduates with certificates of guaranteed readmission to the MIT Sloan MBA program, exercisable within 5 years following graduation.