The Alan S. Michaels Distinguished Lectureship in Medical and Biological Engineering – 2017

Re-design of Metabolism for Carbon Management


James C. Liao
President, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Friday, April 21st, 2017
Room 32-123
2:30pm Reception

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About Professor Liao
Professor Liao started his academic career at Texas A&M University in 1990 and moved to University of California, Los Angeles from 1997 to 2016. He has served as President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan since June 2016.

His research has focused on metabolism, including its biochemistry, regulation and redesign. He uses metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology to construct microorganisms to produce next generation biofuels and to study the obesity problem in human. Dr. Liao and his team also develop mathematical tools for investigating metabolism and guiding engineering design. Currently, their main projects include engineering proteins and biochemical pathways for CO2 fixation and production of fuels and chemicals. The ultimate goal is to use biochemical methods to replace petroleum processing and to treat metabolic diseases.