10-ENG : Environmental

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Course 10-ENG: Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Concentration


This concentration will enable exploration into separation processes, membrane systems, atmospheric chemistry and other environmental challenges. A number of core chemical engineering principles are key to addressing these challenges. Topics that might be covered in the concentration include green or environmentally sustainable energy, water purification, water distribution and supply, and soil remediation. Additional areas of potential interest are the generation of sustainable materials, environmental health, and the use of biological mechanisms for the breakdown of pollutants. Some subjects offer the opportunity to gain context within the global economic and ecological environment. The classes listed below are suggested subjects, but students may propose any set of courses that fit the environmental concentration pending approval from their 10-ENG advisor.

Suggested Undergraduate Subjects
Students can choose 4 of the following subjects, or propose other subjects that are consistent with this concentration in consultation with his or her advisor.

Environ. Course Name Units GIR Prerequisites
*1.018 Ecology I: The Earth System 12 CI-M None
1.020 Ecology II: Engineering for Sustainability 12 Physics I (GIR); Coreq: 18.03 or permission of instructor
♦1.061 Transport Processes in the Environment 12 1.060; Coreq: 1.106, 1.070; or permission of
♦1.070 Introduction to Hydrology 12 1.060 (equiv to 10.301); Coreq: 1.061, 1.106
1.071 Global Change Science 12 18.03; 5.60
*1.080 Environmental Chemistry and Biology 12 Chem. (GIR); Biology (GIR)
1.083 Environmental Health Engineering 12 1.061 or permission of instructor
*1.106 Environmental Fluid Transport Processes and Hydrology Laboratory 6 Half-LAB None. Coreq: 1.061, 1.070
*1.107 Environmental Chemistry and Biology Laboratory 6 Half-LAB None. Coreq: 1.080
2.813 Energy, Materials and Manufacturing 12 2.008 or Permission of instructor
•3.080 Economic and Environmental Materials Selection 12 3.012, 3.014, 3.022, 3.024, or permission of
5.07 Biological Chemistry I 12 REST 5.12
7.05 General Biochemistry 12 REST 5.12, Biology (GIR), or permission of instructor
10.291J Intro to Sustainable Energy 12 Inst. Perm. (junior/senior only)
12.021 Earth Science, Energy, and the Environment 12 Physics I (GIR), Calculus I (GIR), Chemistry (GIR)
12.307 Weather and Climate Laboratory 12 LAB, CI-M Calculus II (GIR), Physics I (GIR)
12.340 Global Warming Science 12 Physics I (GIR), Calculus I (GIR), or permission of instructor; Coreq: 5.60
*12.335 Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry 12 LAB, CI-M Chemistry (GIR)

* Also listed as Foundational Concept
♦ Prerequisite covered by 10.302
• Prerequisite covered by 5.60

Approved Graduate Subject Alternatives

Environ. Course Name Units GIR Prerequisites
1.725J Chemicals in the Environment: Fate and Transport 12 Permission of Instructor
1.831 Environmental Organic Chemistry 12 5.60, 18.03
1.851J Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries 12 None
2.500 Desalination and Water Purification 12 2.006, 1.020, 10.302 (-part of ChE Core), or permission of instructor
10.571J Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry 12 5.61, 18.075, or permission of instructor
10.579J Applications in Technology in Energy and the Environment 12 Permission of instructor
10.817J Atmospheric Chemistry 12 5.60
12.845J Sustainability Science and Engineering Seminar 12 Permission of instructor
ESD.124 Energy Systems and Climate Change Mitigation 12 Permission of instructor