10-ENG : Energy

Concentrations:  Biomedical  ||  Energy  ||  Engineering Computations || Environment & Sustainability || Manufacturing Design || Materials || Process Data Analytics

Course 10-ENG: Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Concentration


The Energy Concentration provides an opportunity for students to investigate a range of topics that address engineering solutions to energy, including alternative energy solutions and energy technology and policy. Students within this track might choose to examine specific approaches toward addressing energy challenges: for example, the design of new materials for energy applications, generation of electrochemical energy or solar devices, nuclear energy, and biosynthesis of new fuels. This concentration also provides for a more general exposure to some of the key issues and advances in energy technologies, and timely issues that influence the ways in which we address global energy resources. The classes listed below are suggested subjects, but students may propose any set of courses that fit the energy concentration pending approval from their 10-ENG advisor.

Suggested Undergraduate Subjects

Students can choose 4 of the following subjects, or propose other subjects that are consistent with this concentration in consultation with his or her advisor.

Energy Course Name Units  GIR Prerequisites
1.044J Fund. of Energy in Buildings 12 REST Physics I (GIR), Calculus II (GIR)
1.071 Global Change Science 12 18.03; 5.60
♦2.60J Fund. of Adv. Energy Conv. 12 2.006 (10.302 equivalent), 3.044, or permission of instructor
2.627 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics 12 Permission of instructor; meets w/ grad class
2.813 Energy, Materials and Manufacturing 12 2.008 or permission of instructor
*3.014 Materials Lab 12 LAB, CI-M None
*3.155J Micro/Nano Processing Technology 12 LAB, CI-M Permission of instructor
6.002 Circuits and Electronics 12 REST 18.03; Physics II (GIR) or 6.01
6.007 Electromagnetic Energy 12 8.02 or 6.01, 18.03
6.071J Electronics, Signals and Measurements 12 REST 18.03
6.101 Introductory Analog Electronics Laboratory 12 CI-M 6.002 or 6.071
6.131 Power Electronics Laboratory 12 CI-M 6.002, 6.003 or 6.007
*8.21 Physics of Energy 12 REST Physics II (GIR), Calculus II (GIR), Chemistry (GIR)
10.191J Projects in Energy 9 None; preference to frosh/soph
*10.27 Energy Engineering Projects Lab 12 CI-M 10.213; 10.302; and 1.106/1.107, 2.671,
3.014, 5.310, 10.7003, or 12.335; or permission of Instructor
10.291J Intro to Sustainable Energy 12 Permission of instructor (junior/senior only)
10.426 Electrochemical Energy Systems 12 10.302 or permission of instructor
12.021 Earth Science, Energy, and the Environment 12 Physics II (GIR), Calculus II (GIR), Chemistry (GIR)
*12.335 Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry 12 LAB, CI-M Chemistry (GIR)
22.00 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation 12   18.03, 3.016, or permission of instructor
22.01 Introduction to Ionizing Radiation 12 REST None
22.070 Materials for Nuclear Applications 12 Permission of instructor
SP.775 D Lab – Energy 12 None

* Also listed as Foundational Concept
♦ Prerequisite covered by 10.302

Approved Graduate Subject Alternatives

Energy Course Name Units  GIR  Prerequisites
♦ 2.28 Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion 12 2.006 (10.302 equivalent)
♦ 2.61 Internal Combustion Engines 12 2.006 (10.302 equivalent)
◊ 2.661J Architectural Thermal and Fluid Dynamics 12 2.005, 4.42, or 2.25 (10.301/10.302 equivalents)
◊ 10.625J Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage: Fundamentals, Materials and Applications 12 3.53, 2.005, 3.046, 10.40, or permission of instructor

♦ Prerequisite covered by 10.302
◊ Prerequisite covered by 10.301