Ph.D CEP Program : Element 1

Core Chemical Engineering Graduate Subjects

During the first two semesters of the program, students follow (with some variation discussed below), the path of those graduate students in the department who are headed for the PhD degree. They take the Fall and Spring term subjects listed in Table 1 below.

In the Fall term, PhDCEP students attend a weekly seminar designed to introduce them to the faculty of the department and to thesis research opportunities. The research topic and thesis advisor selections are made at the end of term 1, and the student participates in the chosen research group’s weekly meetings in term 2.

PhDCEP students must take and pass the same departmental written and oral doctoral qualifying examinations that are required for the traditional PhD. These exams are offered in January (IAP) and in May.

In the Spring term, students take the 10.ThG thesis project under the supervision of the selected research advisor. The student is expected to gain early and meaningful exposure to the research area and a fast start on the preparation of the thesis proposal, required mid-Fall in year 2 of the program.

Fall IAP Spring
10.34 Numerical Methods
10.40 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
10.50 Analysis of Transport Phenomena
ChemE Elective
10.990 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Research
10.551 Systems Engineering (required for Practice School)
TBA Statistical Design Practice School – short course
10.65 Chemical Reactor Engineering
10.ThG Graduate Thesis
Research Group Seminar
Table 1. First Academic Year of the PhDCEP Program


In addition to the courses listed above the students need to complete:

  • one applied chemistry class (required for MSCEP)
  • departmental biology requirement fulfilled by completing an undergraduate subject equivalent to MIT 7.01x, either at MIT or at your undergraduate institution.
  • Students going to Practice School in the Summer term work at the Practice School stations for 3 months instead of 4, as is the case in the Fall and Spring terms. To make up for the credits of one month of Practice School, the students are required to take an elective, approved by the Practice School Director.