Laboratory Safety

Faculty, staff, and students must be familiar with the hazards associated with the chemicals used in their research. Information on hazardous chemicals and the procedures for handling them safely can be found in the books in the Department Lab Safety Library (18-393) and from the MSDS files in the Safety Library and the MIT Safety Office (N52-496). For additional assistance you can contact the MIT Safety Office (N52-496, ext. 2-EHSS (617.452.3477)).

The Department of Chemical Engineering has implemented new policies on environmental safety in the department’s labs. As part of your EHS Training, you are required to read the Department of Chemical Engineering Chemical Hygiene Plan and participate in laboratory-specific training each year. To certify that you have done these two tasks, please go to our EHS Certification web page.

It is expected that each new experiment will undergo a safety review, involving the researchers who will execute the experiment, plus either the PI of the lab or the ChemE EHS Coordinator (or both).
For experiments with special hazards, bring in experts (e.g. from the EHS office) as appropriate. This form will help you consider all sorts of hazards and to document the review.

NOTE: PI groups hosting minors (under age 18 who are not registered MIT as students), must consult well in advance of their visit for rules, guidelines, and paperwork governing hosting minors on campus and in the lab space.

Safety Coordinators

EHS Office: 617-452-3477

ChemE Coordinators:
Brian S. Smith (, 617-253-6238)
Christopher Monaco (, 617-253-8602)

EHS Contacts:

Ryan Samz  (Safety/EMP Officer), 617-253-0347
Dr. Melanie Marketon (RBP Senior Officer), 617-258-5644

ChemE Safety Committee: (

William Green,
Bradley Olsen,
Zachary Smith,
Jean-François Hamel,
Brian Smith,
Christopher Monaco,
Michael Ream,
Babak Mahjour,
Katharina Fransen,
Ben Pedretti,

For additional information on Laboratory Safety…